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About us - GLM games

Here in GLM GAMES know that each of our customers is different. This is why we work 24/7, focusing on satisfying your expectations with new, exciting and reliable. Gaming and entertainment options. With supply of the latest generation of customized services, a highly customized product range and game systems that fit perfectly lallo style of our chlienti AS A DRESS SEWING TAILOR!

Here in GLM, we spend our time getting to know better. Only in this way we are able to follow the evolution of your tastes, with the creation of a wide range of options in which you want to find their own solutions.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom the GLM GAMES LTD, it provides Key Solutions BUSINESS & BETTING SOLUTIONS. perfect solutions for the management of a dynamic market and constantly change.
GLM eliminates the hard work, to enable resources to be better focused on Risk Management ... CORE Thy work! GLM offers solutions Interesting solution and information technology bets, Specialized In Development and integration of a wide range of programming, and Software Applications Internet / Intranet Design of client-server database What can ADD value to the customer's business. Wide range of services and quality solutions in hosting, Design, Development, CONFIGURATION, integration and implementation of innovative software for projects of a high level of industry and Information Technology Risk. in addition, the company offers consulting services and First Class customers with a customer-focused approach designed to generate customer loyalty.

A GLM we work

to create a place of entertainment that is easily accessible,

technologically advanced,


reliable and, last but not least, responsible.

Strategy Business

Our STRATEGY is to provide solutions to grade optimally match the niche market and significantly add value to the customer's business. Our culture strives to go ahead, constantly measuring and monitoring Our performance and streamline our workflow, reducing to the minimum costs, improve processes and create tangible and Competitive Advantages. Strategic Goals of Software Solutions Offers are met by optimized designs, customizable functionality, and extremely easy to use and easy to use interfaces. InOLTRE, A Wide Range of Platforms safe, reliable and affordable AVAILABLE They are made for Business Partners What is Rely heavily on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for good to Achieve Their Goals activities to the fullest.

Our mission

 Meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by offering state of the art quality and innovative software solutions; provide professional services that help our customers achieve their business goals and objectives to get one place and establish a critical role in the industry.

Assist our clients to identify the risk areas in their domain and support them in the realization of practical and affordable solutions. We are constantly investing in research and development of cutting-edge software solutions and our goal is to keep the innovation and excellence through our products and services.